“What a great idea”

I have always had to block off dates on my Airbnb when i was out of town. That is no longer a problem with AwayBnB. Reliable and friendly people who will take care of my place just as good as i do. Highly recommended.

— D.M.

“Finally an affordable solution”

I used to always have to ask my sister to watch over my Airbnb while I was out of town. I could sense in her voice that she wasn’t very excited about the idea. Now I don’t have to bother her anymore. AwayBnB are there when I am out of town, should anything come up. For only $10 a day, I get peace of mind while I am away.

— M.T.


“No more lost revenue because I am leaving town”

— A.H


“Give them the Nobel Peace Prize.”

My husband and I used to argue what to do with our Airbnb when we left town. I wanted to block off the dates and he wanted friends or family to look after it. This resulted in a lot of arguments where one of us was always left unsatisfied. Now with AwayBnB we have found an amicable solution. No more blocked out dates, no more asking for favors from other people and no more arguments.

— L.G.

“I am a Superhost again thanks to AwayBnB.”

I used to have one of my good friends watch over my Airbnb when I would go out of town. I worked hard to reach the status of a Superhost. However, my friend was not all in to watching over my Airbnb and as a result I got a few bad reviews. So I lost my Superhost status. Since I started using AwayBnB, I have never received any bad reviews when I have been out of town and recently got back my Superhost status. If you operate and manage your own Airbnb, then the only solution for when you leave town is AwayBnB. You will not regret it.

— M.L.


“Simply the Best.”

Great concept, great price, great people, great experience.

— L.I.

“More money for me”

I have always managed my Airbnb. I never considered hiring a full time management company for 25% of my income. Now i can make money while I am on the beach somewhere and know that my Airbnb is in good and reliable hands.

— S.L.


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