AwayBnB is a temporary hosting service.

We will be there in case your guests need assistance with anything while you are away.

We will notify you of any issues that may arise while you are away.

We will charge your credit card for any expenses or fixtures that may need to be done while you are away. But only after we get written confirmation from you via email or text.

We will not mark up any such expenses and provide you with any receipts.

We will not be liable for any damage to your property by either your guests or repairmen.

We will not be liable for any work that the repairmen do on your property.

We will not be financially liable to your guests or repairmen.

Cancelations are to be made no later than 11:59 pm CT on the day prior to to when you would like us to stop service.

Cancelation requests are to be made via email only to

If you do not pay the price that corresponds to the number of bedrooms in your property, then Away-BnB will not be liable to manage the property in your absence. The money you paid will be Non-Refundable. You will have the option of paying the balance that is owed to for your property prior to your leaving town. Once you leave town, no further payments will be accepted.

Away-Bnb will come out and inspect your property prior to booking with us to confirm and verify the amount of bedrooms.